Thursday, October 29, 2015

~~West Fork Trail~~

West Fork Trail, just north of Sedona, Arizona, is one of the most popular trails in the west for very good reason!

You need to get up early to catch this moonset shot at around 6:20 am as I arrived in Sedona.

The trail was not "open" when I got there, so I found a campground and started stomping around.  I took some "trails" that were clearly wildlife trails.  One led me to this little surprise.

Although I was a bit late in the season to get to see the vibrant colors of autumn, I did catch a little.

The trail opened later....

Bridge to Trail


The trail is 3.5 miles each way, and you have to "ford" the winding creek 13 times...each way. Here is the first crossing.

And in this one,  I am standing in the middle of the creek. If you are thinking about shoes...and I know you are...I am wearing waterproof boots. 

Passed this old canyon lodge... 


Later, back to Sedona....

Bridge over Oak Creek


Stunning Views

Hippie Trailer

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